With the growing economy, UAE is placing ample opportunities for interior designing companies. Over years, Interior designing industry is showing its peak face in Dubai.The INDEX, design community reports that 16% of the overall value of the construction projects in the GCC are spent on interior designing and decoration. Being the prominent country in GCC, UAE is tremendously marking its upswing in the construction sector. Hence, interior consultancies could get excellent opportunities to set up and perform here.

Why More Interior Consultants in Dubai?

Boost in the tourism projects of Dubai have made a clear upswing for interior consultants in Dubai. With the fastest growing GCC nation design industry is also showing its strength. Boom in the commercial sector demands more interior consultants in Dubai to set up fit outs and designing of their establishments. In forecast to the Expo 2020, various construction is going on in every industries including hotel management projects. These all sets high demand for professional interior consultants.

Why Interior Consultants are Demanded?

Expert interior consultants are required to meet every interior design needs of an establishment. With the highly growing economy, every sector is being competitive over other. To get the most comprehensive and unique service on post construction procedures such as fit outs, interior designing and decorating demands exceptionally talented consultants from the market.

Interior consultants are responsible for:

  • Design consultation with client
  • Drafting design plans
  • Planning designing execution
  • Planning interior décor
  • Consultation with architect/contractor

How to Set up an Interior Designing Company in UAE?

Forecasting the ample opportunities raised by UAE’s construction field, business sector is flying green flag for interior designing companies in Dubai. You can grow your design business via utilizing all opportunities set by this fast growing country.

Interested in Design Business?

To set up an interior design company in Dubai, you have following options.

  • A free zone entity
  • An on-shore business

Both type will add on to the investors with differential advantages and process. The readiness to uptake every risk and challenges will pave your success.

Privilege of  Being an Interior Consultant in Dubai is:

Working as an interior consultant in Dubai is easier compared to other profiles. The best combined talent and attitude to fulfil the job responsibilities will grant a perfect work balance with this career.

  • More opportunities
  • Flexible work time
  • Freelance work
  • Good packages
  • Career growth
  • Exceptionally talented designers can enjoy luxury projects
  • Job satisfaction and motivation

Career of Interior Consultants in Dubai

Upswings in the commercial and home constructions across UAE has elevated the demand for professional interior consultants in Dubai. Being the responsible for attractive and functional spaces, this is much inspired and loved profession. Compared to other job profiles, interior consultants in Dubai gets more job opportunities based on the skills like:

  • Creativity
  • Drawing
  • Drafting
  • Perception
  • Visualization
  • Design material knowledge
  • Communication
  • Challenging attitude
  • Commitment and dedication